Christian Pagans, a commentary

I see and read a lot of articles telling me how wonderful Christian Witches are.

But not enough articles on the darker aspects of such practices.

Thing is, I have not been a Christian in years and would never seriously entertain the

idea of supporting both Paganism and Christianity. It is true that both religions have

similarities. So does Scientology and Christianity or Islam and Paganism, but that does

not necessarily mean i personally endorse the mixing of either. Christian Witches

probably started when Catholicism started, but the thing is, ever since the witch

burnings I am wary that such things can and will happen again. My points against

Christian Witches are as follows, One, Christians believe sex is a sin, Pagans do not!

Two, Christians believe that those that worship and accept Jesus will enter heaven,

As far as I recall, heaven is not even a Pagan belief, it was summerland at one point.

Three, Christians believe magic is of the devil, Pagans have no devil and work with magic

often. Ive come across a few christian pagans telling me that they work with white magic

even though magic has no color and i am almost certain their intent is less than pure.

An ex friend of mine said “how can you believe in the old gods if you dont believe in

Jesus?” That same question can and should be reversed. As much as it pains me to say it,

Christians and Pagans cannot be best buddies, because eventually, the Christian will

have it in their head that their religion outweighs their friendship. I know that most

Pagans want to extend an olive branch, but too many christians would be more than

happy to give the ultimatum of accept Jesus or go to hell.  Which reminds me, isnt hell a

Pagan concept to begin with? As for Santeria, it may be acceptable to the wider audience,

but trust your own instincts. Too many people accept things they probably should

question.   Like it or not, some day Christians and Pagans might be at each others throats

again, because we were not meant to be friends with everyone.  So, you can believe that i

am coming from a place of experience, or just ignore my advice.  Either way,  I hope that

what i am saying rings true to someone.