Christian witches, a warning

A lot of people are trying to get their beliefs validated and accepted by other people. there are some things that cannot be accepted by everyone. Now, if you are Pagan, before you throw around the word tolerance, respect or acceptance, here is some food for thought. Believers in Jesus Christ have already tried to destroy Paganism in the past, I did some research of my own, the Jesus story is not the original story of this kind. There is a story much older about Tammuz and he was a farmer flogged by the villagers. He lay in a tomb as if dead, and he had his companions drink his wine and eat his bread as if it were his own flesh and blood. Anyways, It is insulting to believe in Jesus or accept Christian Witches, because their sole purpose is to infiltrate the Pagan community and destroy it from within. If you allow and accept this, then it will be your downfall, but some of us would rather not see that come to pass. Namaste and heed my warnings.  Brianna